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Guest post: How to get a salon blow-dry at home

My usual home blow dry involves flipping my head upside down and blasting it. This does tend to be quite an efficient way of drying but I do end up with quite a few frizzy bits and need to run the straighteners over it. My favourite Edinburgh hair salon is Dean Jones on Elm Row. I had a complimentary blow dry from Dean himself a few years ago and have been going back ever since… Read More

Kiss Goodbye to MS

Recently I took part in the MS Society’s #KissGoodbyetoMS campaign for #MSawarenessweek. I was off sick from work, full of cold and struggling with my chronic MS fatigue. I desperately wanted to take part in this awareness campaign so as soon as I was feeling ever so slightly better, I put on some lippy and took a photo. Unfortunately, this photo demonstrates one of the most frustrating things about having MS; it’s an invisible illness… Read More

Spicy chorizo and cheese muffins

Following on from the success of my famous Marmite and cheese muffins recipe I decided to spice things up a bit, literally, with some chorizo and chillies. I present to you my super quick and easy to make spicy chorizo and cheese muffins…

Daily happiness checklist

Anyone who knows me will tell you how much I love to be organised! It genuinely makes me feel calm and happy to organise even the smallest of tasks. This blog post won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I hope some of you find it useful 😊 Since turning the big 3-0 in December, I have been on a real mission to focus on improving my mind and increasing my happiness. I’ve always been a.. Read More

Guest post: Homemade masks for dry and damaged hair

If your hair is constantly exposed to heat styling, sun and hard water, it will eventually become dry and dull from all the damage. Dry and damaged hair shouldn’t be washed every day, so its natural oils and nutrients have time to work their way through the strands – you can help with this by brushing often from roots to ends, in order to bring these oils all the way down your locks. Another key.. Read More

My favourite spring florals

I love spring! The blossom is blooming, lambs are leaping and the sun is shining! Well, maybe that’s not an entirely accurate vision of a Scottish spring, but parts of it are definitely true. At this time of year the road leading up to our Edinburgh flat bursts into life as the lining trees pop with pink blossom – I can’t help but smile as I walk past. Not only do I love what spring does to the trees.. Read More