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My Stamp of Approval – July

I’m always discovering new things; places to eat, websites, new shops, etc. so I thought I would start to share them with everyone else every now and again. So here goes- here is a list of things that I love at the minute…

Our home

Although we moved in back in April, I still forget that we are actual home owners. I absolutely love our home, more and more every day as we gradually put our stamp on it. We’re getting rid of all the horrible floral wallpaper (I never knew there were so many varieties) and painting it with our choice of colours. The living room is the only room that is finished but it looks great and is perfect to relax in the evening. Three of the walls are cream and we have a ‘Proud Peacock’ feature wall, as you can see below. There is still so much we want to do and lots of bits and bobs that I would like to get to make it more cosy but this is part of the fun and I’m quite happy to do this over time.
Home sweet home

The Great Gatsby Soundtrack

I was never particularly fussed on seeing the film but my other half was watching it when I got home one evening so I sort of fell into it. Most people aI’ve spoken to seemed to have read the book at school but I never did. The film was surprisingly good, however that could be because I had such low expectations. The best bit about it was, in my opinion, the soundtrack. Now I can’t stop listening to it when I’m at work so I recommend you give it a go!

My new hair

Although now, my new hair is not so new. I just love all the layers that I had cut into it. I am desperately trying (and failing) to blow dry it myself but I just don’t have enough arms! My default setting now is to put it in a french platt when it’s still a little damp and then I have 2 days of messy, wavy hair which I love. Since my trip to Dean Jones Hair Dressing I really understand the importance of a good blow dry and I will keep persevering to achieve this myself!

Getting my walk on

At work we have been taking part in GCC (Global corporate challenge) which has the aim of getting people more active and healthy and this is tracked by wearing a pedometer every day. This has fed my competitive side and although I don’t go running or ride a bike, I am more than happy to just keep walking. As part of this I have started a series of Discovering Edinburgh blog posts. I have the walking bug and can’t stop. Although it does help that there are so many pretty walks just on my doorstep in Edinburgh.
Last weekend, however, was different. We had a new challenge in which we had to beat our personal best step count. My PB was achieved when I was in Rome last month so I knew that to beat this I’d have to do some serious walking. My boyfriend kindly agreed to join me on a super walk on Saturday morning. We walked up Leith Walk, around Arthur’s Seat, up Calton Hill and back down to Leith. This didn’t quite beat my PB but with some dancing in the evening at my friend’s birthday and walking home after, I ended up with a new PB of over 31,000 steps and blisters on the soles of my feet – it was totally worth it!
Edinburgh walks

Indigo Aana Jewellery

I’m from a very small family, one sister and no cousins. My boyfriend however is from a huge family – he’s one of five. He has some super talented siblings (including himself) and today I thought I’d give a wee shout out to Steph. She has been building up her own company making and selling jewellery. From necklaces using bottle caps to earrings and bracelets. She shares what she is making on her Facebook page, Indigo Aana jewellery, where you can also find prices and details of how to buy. I’m sure she would love it if you had a wee look around so please do!
Indigo Aana jewellery

Serrano Manchego

If it wasn’t for the heat and the fact that I can’t speak Spanish, I would totally live in Spain. Okay, so the only reason I want to live in Spain is to drink wine and eat tapas. When I heard about a new bar/cafe/restaurant opening on Leith walk, a matter of minutes from our flat, I couldn’t wait to visit the new Serrano Manchego. When we did finally go, nearly a week after they opened, I was not disappointed. Inside it is beuatifully decorated with leather seats and bare brick walls. They even have a few seats which are perfect in the sunny summer evenings to sit in the sun. We ordered a variety of dishes which you can see below and everything was absolutely delicious. Of course, the serrano ham and the manchego cheese were top notch. My only criticism would be that they don’t take bookings which was a little frustrating. However this does fit in with the relaxed and chilled out Spanish vibe they have perfected.
I cannot wait to go back and try their churros and hot chocolate – ever since they posted a photo on their Facebook page I can’t stop thinking about it!
Serrano Manchego, Edinburgh
So as you can see, I really do love so much at the minute. I hope you enjoyed my little peak into my life in Edinburgh.


Hair haven at Dean Jones Hairdressing

The lovely Dean Jones very kindly invited me for a complimentary cut and blow dry in his new salon, Dean Jones Hairdressing, on Elm Row in Edinburgh. I was delighted with this offer as it is just a 20 minute walk from my flat and anything to do with pampering or treating my hair makes me very happy!

Just a month or so ago I decided enough was enough and I had 5 inches cut off my hair by my boyfriend’s lovely sister, Chelsea. As you will be able to tell from the photo below, my hair was SUPER long as it is still long now. So in my appointment with Dean I wasn’t keen on getting much cut off but I told him my hair woes and together we decided on a plan of lots more layers to give it the volume and texture I’ve been craving. The result… I love it!

Dean Jones Hairdressing

From the beginning…

From the outside you could be forgiven for completely missing the salon. As Dean explained, they don’t have a sign on the outside as it is a listed building. They do however have a wobble board on the pavement and the name in frosting on the glass door. I quite like this, it makes the salon somewhat of an Edinburgh hidden gem and adds to the exclusivity of it.

Dean Jones Hairdressing

I was greeted at the reception desk by a lovely young girl and asked to take a seat on the cute wee sofa in the window. Here I was offered tea/coffee while I waited and so I opted for a cappuccino. The decor inside is lovely; very minimalist which might not be to everyone’s taste but I found it really bright and fresh. Dean assured my that they will have images from their recent photo shoot up on the walls soon which will add more personality.

Dean Jones Hairdressing

Dean came in and gave me the warmest welcome. We sat down and had a chat about the brief history of the salon, his hairdressing history, my blog and most importantly, my hair! I explained my hair past of getting it all cut off when I was about 19 and regretting it deeply and vowing never to get it cut again – well, an inch off here and there. Luckily my hair is thick and grows fast so although I recently got 5 inches cut off it, it’s still long. I explained that I always struggle to get volume and don’t like when hairdressers blow dry my hair flat to my head. He whipped out his iPad and we had a look together at a variety of hair styles on Pinterest so he could explain what he thought we be the way forward.

We decided on not really taking anything off the length, just tidying it up, and adding lot of layers. I was taken to get my hair washed by one of the girls. Dean advised her to use a hydrating shampoo and I enjoyed a relaxing wash and massage.

Dean then chatted some more to me and started to cut my hair. Before cutting a chunk off he showed me what he was cutting first so I didn’t have a heart attack when I saw the hair fall. This was a really considerate touch and showed what a professional he is and how much he cares about his work.Whilst working on my hair he was also keeping an eye on the other appointments around the room that were in full swing, gently giving advice to the girls as they completed cuts and colours.

Once the cut was done he blowed dried my hair. This was a blow dry unlike any other blow dry I’ve ever had before! The amount of volume and live he gave my hair was unbelievable. What’s even better is that from watching him do this and chatting to him, I now believe I can do this myself too.

Dean Jones Hairdressing

After my appointment I walked home with a spring in my step. As I said at the beginning, I love what Dean has done to my hair. He listened to me and I ended up getting exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much to Dean and all of his lovely staff for a wonderful experience.

If I am ever given freebies or asked to review somewhere, I am always 100% honest. I genuinely did love this salon and Dean kindly gave me a few discount vouchers which I’m handing out to my friends as I will definitely be going back so I think they should too.

Check out Dean Jones Hair on Facebook or on Pinterest and their website (links earlier in the review). I also added the salon to Yelp so I’m sure he’d love a review if you visit. If you do pop into this salon then I’d love to know how you get on!


Discovering Edinburgh: Part One

In September this year it will be my 9 year anniversary of moving to Edinburgh. I first came here to embark on the university chapter of my life. Since then I have been through a lot and lived all over the city; Bruntsfield, Newhaven, Marchmont and Leith. I moved to the area I now live in with my other half (Pilrig, Leith) over a year ago. In this time we rented and then bought our first home together. Yesterday evening I decided to have an explore around the area, our neighbourhood. I know this seems silly as we’ve lived here so long but tonight I went places I’ve never been before. To keep me company on my walk I had recently downloaded Audible, an audio book app. As well as never having time to go for walks, I also never have time to read (such lies). So now I’ve combined the two. I started listening to The Fault in Our Stars; and yes I am fully expecting to burst into tears on one of my walks as a result.

The Water of Leith

I’d only been walking for 5-10 mins and I was already deep in the Leith countryside. Surrounded by grass, woodland and HUGE thistles; it was wonderfully peaceful and relaxing.

Leith, Edinburgh

I have a few friends that go running or cycling along the water of Leith but as I don’t have a bike and I cannot abide running, I decided to go for a walk. This had been a walk that I had been meaning to go on for about a year but I’ve always had a million other things to do (drama queen much?). I can’t even remember the last time I went for a walk for walking sake. I normally walk with a purpose. I’m walking home, to a friend’s, to buy food, or the most common reason, to meet a friend at the pub. And it is for that reason that I found this walk so refreshing.

Leith, Edinburgh

Fifteen minutes into my walk I took a seat on a bench. Not because I was desperately out of breathe (although that wouldn’t be a surprise as I am embarrassingly unfit) but I just wanted to stop and take it all in whilst listening to my book – yes, I do realise how ancient I sound. It wasn’t the sunniest of evenings, as you can see below, but it was fresh and still so I was content. I sat there for 5 minutes, watched some people jog by and walk past with their dogs.

Leith, Edinburgh

Next on my walk things became a little eery. The path I was on was quiet and there was no one around. And then I was ambushed!! The fattest mouse I’ve ever seen ran in front of me. He quickly waddled off before I could even think about taking a photo but he still brightened up my journey.

I couldn’t resist taking the photo below as I love dandelions. Not only are they so delicately pretty, but they also remind me of my childhood growing up in the countryside.

Leith, Edinburgh

My next discovery made me smile. As a girly girl, I love pink and hearts (such a stereotype). I love these graffiti hearts, merging the Edinburgh countryside with city life – bringing my two loves together.

Leith, Edinburgh

I can’t wait to take my boyfriend next time I go for a walk around the water of Leith. I have only touched on what there is to discover in Edinburgh.

Leith, Edinburgh

I know the water of Leith goes down to Newhaven so I might head there next. Do you have anywhere else in Leith that you’d recommend I explore?